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The Last Of Us: Part II Review

The Last of Us: Part II is an emotional journey that will captivate both newcomers and those of us who have been waiting for the best part of a decade for a sequel. Games and their stories have always managed to reach me emotionally more than any other format and The Last of Us Part II has done that more than any other game in 25 years. The Last of Us: Part II is a masterpiece.

The Law of Laws

Luck is a fickle concept. Some people feel lucky while others wonder if they have any luck at all except for the bad kind. I think everyone believes in it to some degree, whether or not they want to. It is the same spot in the dressing room before every match, the right underwear before a night out, or even calling in the big guns like the Child of Prague for an occasion.

Pieta House & Avalanche

Depression & suicide are two subjects that are close to the hearts of far too many families & communities in Ireland, so during these tough times we feel it is vitally important that we try to help in whatever way we can. That is why Avalanche matched our local Pieta House fundraiser donations at a total of €2630.

Isolation is a Superpower

Thanks to the COVID-19 Coronavirus people all over Ireland have had their routines disrupted. A period of working from home is becoming increasingly inevitable for many around Ireland. For a large percentage of the population, the experience is not only new, but it’s also strange & it can mean that productivity comes to a complete stop with Netflix in your underwear just a step away.

30 is better than 20!

It is February 20th, 2020. I have 4 days left before I have the pleasure of turning 30 years old on the 24th of February 2020 & make no mistake, it is a pleasure, and it is something that I am actively looking forward to. I have come to realise, like Jenna Rink after a brief internal battle in 13 going on 30, you begin to realise, it can be pretty sweet to be thirty, flirty & thriving.

Merry Christmas Nerds!

It is December and although you would not know it by the unseasonably mild weather, it is Christmas, which means it is nearly time for Santa, turkey & giving your brother a puck over a tin of Roses. On behalf of everyone at Avalanche, I would like to thank absolutely everyone who has worked with us this year, both new clients who we were lucky enough to welcome & those who continue to place their faith in us to create & push boundaries for them online.

Honey, Fraud & the FBI

It’s the age-old saying that the "customer is always right" and was it one of the first lessons that I remember being drilled into me by my first business studies teacher, the terrifying Mrs Twomey way back when I used to sleepwalk my way around the halls of Causeway Comprehensive.

Kerryman Business Awards 2019

The Kerryman Business Awards are county wide awards recognising the entrepreneurialism, innovation, diversity and talent of businesses across all sectors. Avalanche are lucky enough to have been nominated for the Best Innovation in Business Award after a stellar 2019 that has seen us create more websites & apps than ever before.

Digital Trading Online Voucher

Did you know the government offers a grant of up to €2500 that is designed to help Irish businesses trade online? Taking sales online can be a confusing process and this grant aims to help SME’s all over Ireland navigate these tricky waters. With the trend ever increasing towards online spending it is estimated that only 23% of Irish businesses are involved in any meaningful way in eCommerce sales directly through their website.

Irish Early Career Awards 2019

I am delighted to announce that I have been nominated for the Technology Professional of The Year at the 2019 Irish Early Career Awards which celebrate outstanding work across a wide range of sectors. We were nominated by a large number of clients, friends in the industry and people on our newsletters so thank you to everyone who took the time!

Buying a house in Ireland for Millennials

Buying/building a house has never been easy in Ireland but why is it proving much more difficult for Millennials more than any other generation? Is Ireland in a housing crisis or do we just need to stop buying avocados & expensive coffee? What is the answer to one of the biggest problems facing our generation? One thing for sure, it's doubtful it lays in avocados.

Irish Content Marketing Awards 2019

The Irish Content Marketing Awards recognise the endeavours of the Irish marketing scene and provide a platform where the best work, by the best people for the best clients are celebrated. The gala awards ceremony and dinner is annually attended by the cream of the marketing industry, offering a unique opportunity to network and celebrate with hundreds of senior executives.