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Don't stop playing because you grow old!

"We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw. I signed off my last blog with a quote from G.B. Shaw, I thought it only right to open this one with another. It's a cornerstone of my philosophy for life.

Your Individuality | Why So Serious?

I have a running argument with my older (eternally wiser) brother that is nearly ten years old at this point. Since as long as I can remember I have never been someone to fret over much, looking over the biggest parts of my life, exams, awards, meetings, big games etc. I have never really been prone to nerves, I've always approached things in a light-hearted manner.

Waylon Smithers vs Monty Burns

It is a well rehearsed line within developer circles that whatever a client tells you to do, ignore it and do what you know will make the project look it's best. I mean, we are the experts here after all, aren't we? It can be extremely hard to remove your ego from the situation and turn the solution into something that you want to show off as your work rather then what the client wants their website to eventually look like.

Dislike button? What the f**k Facebook?

Good old Facebook, for most people it is a key component to their everyday life. If you get a new job, having some good/sad news to tell the world about or if you just update your profile picture it's a big part of all of our lives. It keeps evolving which is why it has been around for as long as it has but it's latest reported feature could be a massive mistake.

5 tips for Startups

Starting a business, on paper it is supposed to be a fun an exciting time for anyone. There are plenty of important items to address upon startup such as research, competitor analysis and cash flow. I have found that the most important thing when it comes to starting a business is marketing.

Dressing in your 20's

No matter what line of business you are in, you have to wear the hat of the marketer to market yourself. The saying "people do business with people they like", is true and so not only is it important to market your business but also to market yourself.

Comfort Zones Are Good

It is said that nothing great ever came from a comfort zone, that a person must be stretching at all times to get to that next level regardless of their field. Only by moving outside of your "comfort zone" can you expand your learning and move on to greater things in life, etc. In my limited experience I have not found this to be true and find it a load of crap to be honest.

How We Fell In Love With Numbers

We are forever searching for the most effective way of doing things. This mind-set has trickled its way into all corners of society including the fitness industry. In an older time old school bodybuilding dinosaurs would preach clean eating and training to failure every day in the gym with very little reasoning as to why it worked only that it worked for them.

The Leaving Cert | Why Didn't I Care?

With news of many young people eagerly awaiting the results which they have worked hard for breaking midweek, One cannot but help think about the time when you were in the same shoes. I think everyone, especially people in their 20's has this moment every year and sure enough I felt the same familiar feeling of not caring about it.

Your future kids will laugh at you

You ever have to show your parent how to use their phone? Or take them step by step through saving a word document? Or assure them that there is no danger to sending an email on the internet all the while gritting your teeth in hope that your patience holds long enough to tell your friends what you've had to go through and have a hearty laugh about it together?

It's All Baby Steps People!

I'm turning 25 next week. As of next Friday, I'll be well and truly in my mid-twenties. Am I freaking out you ask? No. You see, it's not the growing older bit that I'm having trouble with, it's the growing up bit.

How To Market Yourself: The Brand Of You

No matter what line of business you are in, you have to wear the hat of the marketer to market yourself. The saying "people do business with people they like", is true and so not only is it important to market your business but also to market yourself.

The Extraordinary Life Of Elon Musk

We are very fortunate he isn't a man out of time. Unlike Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Nikolas Tesla before him, he is living in the right moment, in the right generation and in the right socio-economic climate.

Get The Look For Less!

I am always on the look-out for getting the look for less. So I am going to show you guys how and where to get some stylish looks for less to suit twenty-something year old men out there.

Start A Business In Your 20's!

We may well go down in history as the most self-absorbed generation ever seen. We are the generation of smartphones, 10 second attention spans and selfie sticks so why would a 20-something year old start a business and how would they ever pull it off?

The Benefits Of Distractions

You will spend the majority of your life working and even those who are lucky enough to love what they do can become disillusioned from time to time. This is where "distractions" may help you shake it up & become more productive than ever!