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V by Very Irish Blog Awards 2017

It was great to be shortlisted in 4 different categories at the V By very Irish Blog awards 2017. While it is a tough judging process, I am happy to say we were a finalist in two categories. Avalanche was nominated for the best corporate blog while my post on whether I want kids was nominated for best overall blog post.

Rules for the Gram

I hold my hands up. I am an Instagram addict, it’s where I live online and it is almost impossible not to fall in love with all the wonderful images of our beautiful world right at your fingertips. It is a haven for creatives to learn, find inspiration and to grow. Unfortunately, most people are doing it wrong. I am not talking about people trying to grab the perfect moment or the ridiculous argument that people are only living their life online.

Dot IE Net Visionary Awards 2017

The Dot IE Net Visionary Awards are one of the most hotly contested awards for digital businesses in Ireland. In partnership with the IIA & IEDR, the awards recognise best practice across four main pillars of digital excellence: technology, entrepreneurship, marketing and innovation. The Dot IE Net Visionary Awards showcase the businesses & leaders that are driving innovation in the online world and serve as role models for others. The Dot IE Net Visionary awards recognise the very ‘best of the best’ of Irish digital businesses.

Is it okay if I don’t want kids?

Hi, I’m Aidan. I am 27 years of age and I do not want children. To a lot of people, I would be better off admitting that I kick puppies for fun or that I admire Donald Trump as my personal hero. People shake their heads and roll their eyes when you admit this to them but as much as people don’t want to admit it, there is a real stigma around the subject. Thankfully from my selfish point of view, it is far worse for a woman in my position but it exists for men all the same.

13 Reasons Why you should be concerned..

You have probably heard the hype and a lot of you have probably already seen the Netflix original: 13 Reasons Why based on the young adult novel of the same name by Jay Asher already. It was the most tweeted about show of the last 12 months. For those who are not familiar is a melodramatic thriller about a young girl named Hannah Baker who takes her own life.

The Dangers of Facebook..

I am prepared for the backlash from people who are going to take this article personally because it relates to the feeds I scroll through every day and to be honest I will be relived if I get savaged or the usual threatening emails/DM's. I am confident that every person aged 22-35 will be able to relate to this article and I would be disappointed if it did not elicit a response from you, positive or not.

Sockies 17

Sockies, which is short for the Social Media Awards are an annual celebration of the people who are killing it on social media in Ireland and guess who bagged a few nominations? Add this to the fact that the sun has been shining in Kerry, albeit in brief periods but we don't care, we just focus on good news at Avalanche! We are nominated for four awards at the 2017 Social Media Awards.

Best Young Business Person Award

Happy Sunday evening! I just had a great weekend at the MBA’s in Waterford as I was lucky enough to be named Best Young Business Person. It was a fantastic honour to receive such a wonderful award and I truly hope that I can live up to the title in the coming months/years. It was a great ceremony in Dungarvan and I want to say thank you to all the organisers, judges, nominees and to absolutely everybody who was involved in a great event. I have no doubt that next year will be even more of a success!

5 myths about Computer People

Stereotypes exist for a reason, they can be used to describe a niche group of people/profession but by their very definition they are an oversimplification and while I see the merit in them it's hard not to take offence when you are grouped into a category you don't necessarily agree with.

Ego & Humility

The ego is an aspect of the human personality that has always intrigued me, it is something that I believe every person on this earth possesses to varying degrees. It is a particularly fickle thing and it can be the difference between failure and success.

Broke but not broken..

As with a lot of my more personal blogs, I am beginning this article somewhat apprehensively because I have been sitting on the subject matter for quite some time, a lot of things you are about to read have only been revealed to a handful of close friends. Irish people have an unhealthy relationship with money at the best of times so it is not easy to admit when you are broke.

Let’s Talk About GamerCon!

Let me be crystal clear with you, I absolutely adore video games. Crash, Sora, Spyro, Blue, Zelda, Yohimitsu, Cloud, Squall, Ryu, Ellie & Joel. The list of heroes who have engaged me for hours on end is nigh on endless. I can lose myself in a modern adventure like “The Last Of Us” because it is truly a work of art, I am an impatient mess waiting for the Crash Bandicoot remake and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gaming.