It is December and although you would not know it by the unseasonably mild weather, it is Christmas, which means it is nearly time for Santa, turkey and giving your brother a puck over a tin of Roses.


On behalf of everyone at Avalanche, I would like to thank absolutely everyone who has worked with us this year, both new clients who we were lucky enough to welcome and those who continue to place their faith in us to create and push boundaries for them online.


We have been able to create more than ever before, expanded our reach all over the globe and had our best year ever across all metrics. We even managed to squeeze in a few awards! Going forward, we have our EDEN AI in place for 2020 and it is something I have been working on for nearly 9 years. I cannot wait to see how it finally grows. It is not just the end of the year; it is the end of the decade and it has been the best years of my life.


This whole Avalanche thing really worked out. Not many would have guessed it would, me included!


Whether you have decided to work with us on a project, subscribe to our blog or even just follow on social media over the last year (s), it is massively appreciated. I love what I do and without the support of everyone on this website/social media, we wouldn’t be able to do it every day. Avalanche are aiming to make the internet an even better place in 2020 through our AI, innovative design and as ever, we have lots of business goals in the coming months and as ever, our ultimate goal is to make the internet free and easy to use for all, to sketch a place in history and continue helping businesses all over the world.


I am going to spend the next two weeks with family, eating and catching up with my PlayStation.


Now it is time to relax for a few days and take stock of the year & the decade that we have just completed. I hope it has been just as good to you.


Merry Christmas & a Safe, Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours from Avalanche.

Aidan out.