Happy Sunday evening! I just had a great weekend at the MBA’s in Waterford as I was lucky enough to be named Best Young Business Person. It was a fantastic honour to receive such a wonderful award and I truly hope that I can live up to the title in the coming months/years. It was a great ceremony in Dungarvan and I want to say thank you to all the organisers, judges, nominees and to absolutely everybody who was involved in a great event. I have no doubt that next year will be even more of a success!

For anyone who has been following me on Instagram/Snapchat with a while, you will know the wait I have had to finally win an award and now that it’s here, all I can think of is winning the next one, maybe it’s the Kerry footballer mentality beat into me! I also need to think of something else to complain about but that’s tomorrow’s problem!

I just want to sign off by saying that winning awards is one of the best things about any field (sport, business, blogging etc.) but as mentioned in previous blogs about making money, worry about creating something fantastic and the recognition will come. Those who do this will no doubt be the ones on the podium in the end.

I’m going for a pint!

Love you, bye!