Start A Business In Your 20's

We may well go down in history as the most self-absorbed generation ever seen. We are the generation of smartphones, 10 second attention spans and selfie sticks so why would a 20-something year old start a business and how would they ever pull it off? Thanks to current technology, you can pretty much work from anywhere in the world while still focusing on building the next Nike or Microsoft.

No Responsibilities

For the most part, your 20's will be the time when you have little to no responsibilities in the world. You are at your most care-free and for the majority of people it will be the first time you have any real money. If you have an idea or service that you think you can carry out, I recommend going for it.

No Fear

Failure is just something that hasn't worked out yet, your 20's should be a time to try and experience as much of this fantastic world as you can as the majority of people have yet to taste fear. A lot of people ask me where I got the courage of starting a business when in fact I didn't think about it and have never thought of it failing. It was just something that I knew I was supposed to do.

Current Technology

It is easier than ever to build a brand online with all the social platforms available to a start-up business. Once you have an idea you can pretty much have yourself a loyal following within a few months if you are savvy enough to know which platforms to use and how to sell yourself to your target audiences. It's not a massive stretch to assume that a 20-something year old will at least be aware of the main social platforms for building a business saving themselves a lot of startup costs compared to businesses launching 20 years ago.

Online Resources

Not sure on how to set up a Twitter page, what format an invoice should be or how to get the perfect knot in your tie? Fear not, the internet has the answers to everything and you can find the answer to whatever is holding you up pretty easily and move on to your next headache!

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Look at your group of friends, while most of them are probably working somewhere. There will always be a few in the group who have some sort of side project that they are involved with, even if it's doing hair/makeup to tuning up PC's locally. You will also find that if you open yourself up to people and let them know the awesome things you are doing, you will be met with goodwill. This kind of spirit is running throughout Ireland and it really is infectious.

Unshakeable Confidence

For some reason, we are the most confident generation Ireland has ever known. Research has shown that we take 40 TIMES more selfies than Americans so you might want to think twice about the shy Irish stereotype. This points to us having great confidence in ourselves or at the very least we are dedicated enough to keep going at something until we pull it off! So pursue that idea, go for your dreams and you can see for yourself why starting a business in your 20's is one of the best things you can do!