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The Micro Business Awards 2019

The Micro Business Awards celebrate the leaders of Ireland's small to medium business community. These unique awards appreciate the nation’s best sole traders, micro businesses and small to medium companies. We are happy to say we have been nominated in 5 categories which is a record (I think) and it is an honour to be recognised among such fantastic businesses.

Rattoo Rovers Sponsorship

Rattoo Rovers is a famous club located in the village of Ballyduff and has long been one of the flagship clubs in the Kerry soccer winning several titles over many years. We have sponsored a lot of items/events in our local community in the last few years, mostly focusing on the underage sector in Ballyduff but as soccer is my first love, it is a great honour to be able to sponsor Rattoo Rovers at a senior level.

Introducing: Sean O' Riordan

The internet is a weird place, it’s full of people desperate for fame, Nigerian princes who can’t seem to get an email back despite their charitable nature and is basically wall to wall perverts. Every now and again though, you “meet” someone sound and who is dedicated to what they do, enter Sean O’ Riordan.

What I learned at Tinder!

Online dating has exploded in the last couple of years with many apps such as Tinder, Bumble & Grindr coming to the fore. Each with different variations on the scene but ultimately follow the same format, you like someone, you swipe, you say hello & see how things progress. Seems simple, doesn’t it? For men, & especially Irish men, it has been a gamechanger, for better & for worse.

Merry Christmas to All From Avalanche!

It’s that magical time of the year again and on behalf of everyone at Avalanche, I would like to thank you all for working with Avalanche this past year. Whether you have decided to work with us on a project, subscribed to our blog or even just follow on social media, it is massively appreciated.

The Irish Early Career Awards 2018

The Lincoln Recruitment Irish Early Career Awards celebrates excellence and recognises the achievements of young professionals at the top of their fields in Ireland, and ultimately, rewards innovation, best practice and outstanding achievement across a broad range of exciting sectors.

Are Millennials the worst generation?

Millennials are the generation that laugh at our parents for not being able to change their social media settings but must Google how long it takes to boil an egg. We are arrogant, lazy, entitled and because we all got participation trophies, we all think we are special. We're not and herein lies the problem.

The Blog Awards Ireland 2018

The Blog Awards Ireland 2018 finalists have been announced and after three rounds of judging we are proud to announce that our blog "Once more into the fray.." has been nominated for the best blog post. It is one of our most open blog posts and it garnered a huge reaction online. Please feel free to check it out if you have not done so already.

The Irish Content Marketing Awards 2018

The Irish Content Marketing Awards recognise the endeavours of the Irish marketing scene and provide a platform where the best work, by the best people for the best clients are celebrated. We are proud to announce that we are nominated in two categories in the inaugural Content Marketing Awards.

5 places you should travel

I have been lucky enough to have travelled a lot with work and even with all the stupid quotes you see on Instagram, it truly is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. That is of course, if you don’t go to the same resort in Santa Ponsa for the next 12 years with the same people. Jesus Christ. Have some imagination.

The Monsters Live in Your Phone..

Every morning, Aidan O’ Carroll goes to work just like millions of others all over the world on their daily commutes. Wearing a custom made Italian three-piece suit, and a trademark cheeky (almost superior) smile, one could be forgiven for thinking he was the kind of slick talking, fast growing executive that he had lofty ambitions of being, almost a lifetime ago. The skinny cry-baby that has somehow found himself immersed in this hacking world he has a love/hate relationship with for over 10 years.

Avalanche accredited with eCommerce & Web Development All Star 2018-19

The Business All-Stars is an annual competition designed to identify, recognise and accredit Irish companies and individuals that have distinguished themselves in the conduct of their business over the last 12 months. Avalanche was accredited with the All-Star eCommerce & Web Development 2018-19 and are now included in the 2018-19 All-Stars Role of Honour.